Photogrammetric Imaging

We operate one of the largest suites of photogrammetric imaging systems in the world. These specialist instruments are capable of capturing the geometry of original aerial films, diapositives and prints to micron levels of accuracy. The ultra-high resolution digital images produced by these machines enable our customers to generate extremely accurate datasets for use in their own projects and geo-products.


Below, you will find information on each of the systems we use. Please contact us to discuss your digitisation requirements.


Leica DSW700


Our Leica Geosystems DSW700 Digital Scanning Workstation performs precision scanning of colour or monochrome negatives and diapositives. It can automatically scan roll film to provide image data for use in digital photogrammetric workstations.

  • Optical resolution: 10 μm
  • Scan area: 260mm x 260mm
  • Geometric RMS range: 2 μm



Vexcel UltraScan 5000


We operate ten Vexcel Corporation UltraScan 5000 systems.

  • Optical resolution: 7 μm
  • Scan area: 280mm x 260mm
  • Geometric RMS range: 2 μm


Wehrli RM3 and RM-6


We operate three Wehrli & Associates systems - two RM-3 and one RM-6 AutoScanner.


The RM-6 system incorporates a dust and scratch removal capability for colour film imagery. This function scans the image a second time, using infra-red light to detect foreign artefacts which are then removed from the digital copy. 

  • Optical resolution: 8 μm
  • Scan area: 275mm x 320mm
  • Geometric RMS range: 3 μm (RM-3), 2 μm (RM-6)


Z/I PhotoScan


We operate five Z/I Imaging PhotoScan TD systems, that utilise Carl Zeiss optics.

  • Optical resolution: 7 μm
  • Scan area: 275 x 250mm
  • Geometric RMS range: 2 μm


Vexcel VX-4000HT


We operate two Vexcel Imaging VX-4000HT systems in our Washington, D.C. digitisation unit. These systems have automatic film winding and edge detection capability. They are also capable of scanning panoramic film.

  • Optical resolution: 7.5 μm
  • Scan area: 254mm x 508mm
  • Geometric RMS range: 2.5 μm



Our photogrammetric imaging systems in the UK and the USA are serviced annually and maintained by the official service engineers for each system. This ensures that they remain accurate and continue to operate to their full performance. They are calibrated regularly and customers are supplied with this data when they order photogrammetric images from us.


Our photogrammetric imaging suite is environmentally-controlled to ensure a safe, dust-free space for handling and digitising original film. We use a Scanatron CLEAN-1000 automatic film cleaner to remove dust and unwanted artefacts from film before scanning.


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