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Boundary Disputes

Boundary dispute aerial photograph

NCAP's holdings of aerial photography span 80 years, which makes them a vital tool in litigation. Our aerial photographs can provide the detail needed to prove property boundaries and rights of way.


Many locations across the UK are covered by NCAP aerial photography at multiple dates from the 1940's to the present day. These photographs can potentially demonstrate access and boundary conditions on precise dates. Aerial photographs can provide evidence of the construction or demolition of buildings and extensions. They can depict the locations of features and additional details not present in traditional maps, providing evidence for legal professionals and home-owners. Our Letter of Authenticity can support this by documenting the provenance of an image, and assist in proving a case.




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Land-use Change

Our historical aerial images can aid in the analysis of past land use and contamination.

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Letter of Authenticity

Prove the date a photograph was taken with a Letter of Authenticity.


Add this to your image order and our aerial photographic experts will gather key information to provide you with factual and unbiased evidence about your image. This can include:


  • the precise date and time a photograph was captured
  • the altitude of the aircraft
  • the focal length of the camera lens
  • the unit or company which took the photograph
  • the method and resolution of digitisation