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Transforming our online platforms

In an exciting development, the National Collection of Aerial Photography (NCAP) is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its revamped website and image discovery portal. This eagerly anticipated upgrade is set to provide users with an enhanced and user-friendly experience, making it easier than ever to explore this vast collection of historical aerial imagery.


Both are scheduled for release early in 2024. While currently everything can be found in one place, our collections and partnerships have been so successful we have taken the decision to develop an online discovery portal separate from our standard website. There will be two key releases; a new website will feature a sleek and modern design, and a collections-based image portal optimized for seamless navigation to access NCAP's extensive digitised imagery with greater ease. Whether you are a historian, an EOD specialist, a climate researcher, or simply a curious individual interested in exploring our world from above we are working hard on making our online platforms a better experience for you.


The redesigned website will offer a clean and well-presented look at our full operation. A fresh look and feel will be more intuitive and easier to use on both desktop and mobile devices. With lots of information about our new building, products, services, project partners, and the passionate team behind it all; you will have a better insight into our full operations.


The collections portal relaunch aims to improve accessibility and navigation to the millions of aerial photographs, dating back decades, showcasing landscapes, urban development, and historical events. This will give you an enhanced browsing experience with a modern basemap, integrated geospatial footprint and centerpoint data for each image, and more transparent licensing and purchasing options. We aim to allow users to uncover and access valuable imagery effortlessly.


NCAP is committed to preserving and sharing this vital historical resource, and the new website represents a significant step towards achieving this goal. Stay tuned for the official launch and get ready to join us on this journey into NCAP’s improved online platform!


Website Timeline 
Current – Dec 2023: Design and redevelopment of website 
Apr 2024: Launch of new website
Collections Image Portal Timeline 
Current – Nov 2023: Design and software development 
Nov 2023 – Jan 2024: User experience, interface and systems testing 
Jan – Feb 2024: Redevelopment based on feedback and retesting if required.  
May 2024: Launch of new image portal  
15 September 2023